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Trustees Dave Lesser, Lynne Hutchins, Sylvia Hamilton, Doug Plass and Phil Coonts, with Library Director Jane Somerville, show off the library’s fundraising thermometer. Photo by Aron Ames.

Trustees Dave Lesser, Lynne Hutchins, Sylvia Hamilton, Doug Plass and Phil Coonts, with Library Director Jane Somerville, show off the library’s completed fundraising thermometer.

The new library was completed last winter and opened to the public January 2, 2013. This spring the board was excited to announce the building fund was able to meet its fundraising goal to pay for the new building and secure a maintenance fund.

A ‘Grand Opening’ party is planned for July 6, 2013, from 4 to 6 p.m. to celebrate the new library. Please join us if you can.

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We have broken ground on our new library!

Our permanent, patron-owned home will be part of a larger redevelopment project that’s bringing new housing, retail and commercial space to downtown Stanley.

The new library facility will provide more space for users, with much better visibility and energy-efficiency, and includes a multipurpose room that will meet many needs and be accessible after hours to community groups. We will move in by the end of 2012, and buy the property within two years. We deeply appreciate the many friends and supporters who have helped the Building Committee over the past several years as we have worked toward finding the library a permanent home.

View south elevation plans
View east elevation plans
View floor plans

We need your help to build our new library!

Donations for our Building Fund gratefully accepted!

Click the Donate button, or visit here for more information on how to donate, plans for donor recognition, and details on the tax advantages you’ll get for making a donation to the Stanley Community Library.

Another way to support the Building Fund is to purchase our beautiful scenic photo calendar. All profits benefit the library Building Fund. For more information, go to

Why do we need a new library building?

There are several issues with the current facility:

• It’s too small for community needs (1,315 square feet on two floors; no separate meeting
• There’s inadequate space for books (shelving is full)
• There’s not enough space for computer users, especially those bringing their own laptops
• The children’s area is cramped and not visible to a one-person library staff
• It’s not ADA-compliant (steep stairs and poor shelving)
• There’s no work area for staff; there’s inadequate storage for our needs
• The facility is rented and cannot be remodeled to meet current and future library needs

What are the advantages a new library building brings to the community?

• More space for users (about 2,000 square feet), with much better visibility and energy-efficiency
• The multipurpose room can meet many needs, and will be accessible after hours to
community groups
• An excellent, downtown location
• The library will anchor new development that will include housing, retail and commercial space, and a central community plaza
• The building and property are assets that will belong to the library district

How will the library district pay for it?

• Estimated cost: approximately $575,000 (including purchase price, construction costs,
furnishings and a maintenance fund)
• We have kicked off a capital campaign to raise as much as possible from individual donors and foundations
• As of December 2012, we have nearly $485,000 in our Building Fund and additional, substantial pledges
• Eliminating rent will reduce operating costs significantly

How can I help?

• Visit and use the library; attend our programs and events; become a Friend of the Library
• Stay up to date on library activities and plans via our newsletters and website.
• Give or pledge your support today for the library’s Capital Campaign (gifts are tax-deductible)

Have questions or suggestions? Contact us:

• Library Director Jane Somerville: 208-774-2470
• Board Chair Phil Coonts: 208-774-2243
• Trustee Lynne Hutchins: 208-954-2007
• Trustee Sylvia Hamilton: 208-774-2251
• Trustee Dave Lesser: 208-774-3819
• Trustee Doug Plass: 208-774-2673

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