The Stanley Community Library is a vitally important resource to the city of Stanley and the thousands of people who visit the area each year. Here’s a short list of how the library serves our community:


• Over 6,100 books, audio books and magazines, plus Interlibrary Loan for items we don’t own
• Computer, print, copy, and fax services
• Wireless Internet service 24/7

Children’s Activities

• Excellent children’s book collection
• Services to complement school programs
• Weekly Story Time
• Summer reading program

Adult Activities

• Book Club discussions
• Readings, lectures, slide shows, and other programs
• Computer classes, tech assistance, and test proctoring
• Open house and used book sales

Usage by the Community in 2012

• Nearly 350 registered borrowers
• More than 7,241 visits, not including wireless users outside. (Compared to 1,928 patrons in 2000, the first year at our previous location.)
• More than 3,100 items circulated
• 29 children’s programs with 334 participants; 40 adult programs with 417 participants    • Cost to taxpayers: $27.18 per $100,000 assessed property in 2012

How the Library Makes Our Community Stronger

• Provides no- or low-cost access to books and services for all
• Fosters literacy skills proven to increase success in life
• Nourishes creativity, independent thinking, egalitarianism, and democracy through access to information
• Provides many people their only Internet access, with help finding information and
understanding its value
• Strengthens community through opportunities to come together
• Attracts customers to business core
• Cost to taxpayers: $25.27 per $100,000 assessed property in 2011

How did we pay for it?

  • No tax dollars were used for the project—only private funding.
  • Our capital campaign raised $392,000 from 265 generous individual donors (2006–March 2013). Gifts ranged in size from $10 to $84,000.
  • We received 22 grants and gifts totaling $151,000 from foundations and businesses.
  • Sales of the “Sawtooth Scenes” calendar and other fundraisers added $41,000.
  • We paid for pre-construction expenses, the building ($374,000), and most of the furnishings ($22,000) by February 2013.
  • We’ve raised nearly all of the $146,000 purchase price for the lot (as of March 2013).

What’s next?

  • Our goal is to finalize furnishings and to purchase the lot by July 2013.
  • The final step is to raise a minimum of $25,000 for a permanent maintenance fund.

Please help us use our new library to its highest potential, by sharing your ideas for programs or services to better serve the community.

What are your friends and neighbors are saying about the library?

“Our library is the heart of our community. It opens the door to the world beyond and brings to our community programs that inform and entertain. Our library has earned our affection and deserves our support.”
- Hon. Orval Hansen, part-time resident, former Congressman

“The Stanley Community Library’s special programs for kids and adults bring the community together all year round. Book Club, Story Time, and the summer reading program always give us something to read and talk about.”
- Amy Klingler, PA, Salmon River Clinic and mother

“Redfish Lake Lodge loves the Stanley Library! Our crew of over 60 employees uses the library and my children do the same. The library is not only needed, it is a tremendous blessing to this beautiful area.”
- Jeff Clegg, local business owner and father

“The library helps us all stay up to date on what’s happening in our country and in the world, so we can be good citizens. The library also offers programs and materials that can reinforce parents’ efforts to get their children started reading early, which is important to their success later in life.”
- Bob Dargatz, 17-year full-time resident

“The Stanley Community Library is a vital resource for this small and often isolated community. The library has been an important partner with SIHA in providing educational and informational programs for the community.”
- Terry Clark, Executive Director, Sawtooth Interpretive & Historical Association

“The library is a center point for the town and you make it a welcome place for visitors to gather and get information.”
- Janice Holman, long-time summer visitor

“Stanley is fortunate to have one of the finest rural libraries in the state. I would encourage everyone to visit, utilize and support our local library.”
- Laurii Gadwa, Stanley City Councilman

“In a town the size of Stanley having a library as vibrant as we do is a huge plus. My two young kids look forward to weekly Story Time and many other seasonal events. It also gives my youngest daughter, who is 3, and I a place to go during the week. During the summer the library is a vital resource for our seasonal employees as well. We do not have internet access in our employee housing and they utilize the library for their internet needs.”
- Erin Wilson, local business manager and mother

“The Library, in our estimation, is at the heart of the community and deserves support. We are proud to do so and encourage the participation of others.”
- Keith Reese and John Dean, Sawtooth Valley Builders

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